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 Krusk the 2nd's Angry House of Pancakes

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Krusk the 2nd's Angry House of Pancakes Empty
PostSubject: Krusk the 2nd's Angry House of Pancakes   Krusk the 2nd's Angry House of Pancakes I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2016 4:14 pm

Krusk the 2nd's Angry House of Pancakes

"When you're in Faerun, you want to believe every day is an adventure. And most days, you can really believe it. Slay those monsters, find that loot, create your legend! But some days, you just want to get by, make some money, and enjoy a quiet, quality breakfast.

"Come to the Angry House of Pancakes, where we can definitely help you with that third thing! We can't help with the second thing, really, unless you don't mind helping us procure some ingredients and tools for the kitchen staff... well, forget about that for now... Leave the high adventure to people like my father that live in a Fantasy World and come in for a taste of the finest apple flapjack cakes (made with just a hint of Redcheek Cidre)!

"The flavor's the savior here at the Angry House of Pancakes!!!"

-Krusk the 2nd, advertisement in the Neverwinter Times
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Krusk the 2nd's Angry House of Pancakes
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