A play by post 5E DnD campaign created and played by fans of The Adventure Zone.
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 Krusk the 2nd's House of Angry Pancakes

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PostSubject: Krusk the 2nd's House of Angry Pancakes   Krusk the 2nd's House of Angry Pancakes I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2016 3:15 pm

Dear Adventurers,

How does one honor a fantastic Dungeons and Dragons podcast without stealing all the good ideas and liberties taken with 5th edition rules? I have no clue.

I'll try to make it tasty, but I choose play by post because there may be downtime. Hopefully not too much; I find that as soon as I have good stuff to throw at you, I scramble towards the nearest computer to jot it down and save it to the cloud, which means I can respond to checks and move combat along fairly well. But we all got lives, yo, and if life gets in the way of D&D, it happens.

This campaign I named while I was at a local breakfast joint (Flappy Jacks, if you happen to know of it). This world runs parallel to the events of The Adventure Zone, vaguely referencing events and possibly characters without truly cutting across (i.e. none of us know who Barry Bluejeans is, but can kinda sorta remember a really "los horny boy" dwarf named Boyland). Faerun is a big place, and lots of stuff happens that most folk never hear about, and perhaps are never meant to....

But for what it's worth, Lord Nasher Alagondar is King in my Neverwinter, not some weedy punk named Alistair Sterling #notmyking.

Let me know in the conversation section if you have general questions!


Mark / Lord 8-Track (dungeon master)
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Krusk the 2nd's House of Angry Pancakes
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