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 Bottle of Bees

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PostSubject: Bottle of Bees   Bottle of Bees I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 13, 2017 3:14 pm

The opaque glass bottle, striped with a comparatively subtle red and blue stripe across the base, contains one small swarm of bees. As these are Fantasy Costco-branded bees, one will note that exactly one half of the bees within are colored blue and the other half are red, unlike the more common yellow-brown of common honeybees. Within the small honeycomb sitting at the bottom of the bottle, a red queen bee can be seen.

Once per day, the holder of this bottle can choose to produce one cup of honey, for consumption or utility purposes (curative and/or nutritive properties to be determined). Alternatively, once per day in combat, the bottle can be shaken prior to opening, and a Swarm of Insects will attack a chosen target within 30 feet (roll a d20 to initiate attack action with item). A critical failure roll of the d20 in this scenario will produce... other results. - DM]
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Bottle of Bees
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