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 Gross Chainmail

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PostSubject: Gross Chainmail   Gross Chainmail I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 05, 2017 11:24 pm

Belonging to Thokk Warhorn, this set of chain mail was recently sprayed with the flesh and sinew of freshly slain Diseased Giant Rats. As expected, this left stains, spread throughout the armor, that would pulse and glow in the irridescent green hues matching diseased rat blood. By fortune or misfortune, when cleaning was attempted, the combination of green rat blood, polishing reagents, water, and soap resulted in Gross Chainmail.

This heavy armor (AC 16), a combination of interlocking steel rings and a quilted leather shirt layer, is spermanently stained a gross, but non-irridescent green color. Day or night, this guarantees disadvantage on stealth rolls. It appears to be resistant immune to acid and poison damage, an effect imparted by the blood and chemical mixture being absorbed into both the chain and leathers. Additionally, on exposure to any poison and/or acid damage, the wearer appears to receive a +2 bonus to your attack rolls.

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Gross Chainmail
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