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 Railgun Pistol

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PostSubject: Railgun Pistol   Railgun Pistol I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 05, 2017 11:10 pm

The artificer's craft is new to the world of Faerun, and few are known to have mastered the infusion of magical elements into common items to enhance their innate abilities and effects. One artificer's apprentice, Nermalin, attempted a trial fusion of weapon and magic. The Railgun Pistol was the result.

A 1d8 ranged weapon, it is capable of varying types of damage, depending on ammunition type; the expanded lock and muzzle allow almost anything small to be loaded. Coins do slashing damage, sling bullets, lumps of ore, or small stones or debris do bludgeoning damage, and arrow heads, darts, or pokey things do piercing damage, and so on.

It also has armor-piercing capability; targets with natural armor or worn armor and an AC of 14 or better take a -1 penalty to AC. Targets with natural armor or worn armor and an AC of 16 or better take a -2 penalty to AC.

Additionally, because of the infusion of Evocation magics, if you have spell slots, you can expend one when you attack with this weapon. It deals an additional 1d8 damage for each level of spell slot you expend.
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Railgun Pistol
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