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 Morkan and Dhakec, gerblin shaman and worg

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PostSubject: Morkan and Dhakec, gerblin shaman and worg   Tue May 02, 2017 12:15 am

The gerblin Morkan learned at a very young age that only gerblins could be trusted. He never stopped believing this. Even when the time came that would learn the incantations, curses, and practices required to lead gerblin warriors as a shaman, this concept was never challenged. He could never trust his tribesman, who always saw his quick aptitude of magicks and arcana as a threat, and beat him constantly behind the elders' backs. Morkan decided that he would serve the gerblin god alone, as his divine gifts granted him the magical ability that would save his life one day.

During his shaman training, Morkan was given a worg pup. He was to raise the pup to a full-grown worg, which would later be his mount. The worg he named Dhakec grew quick and fierce, and in a few short years the pair became inseparable. On raids and hunts where the odds seemed impossible, Morkan and Dhakec would consistently fight toward victory, or narrowly but successfully escape with their lives. Dhakec was as faithful as any pet; Morkan finally had cause to trust someone other than himself. This bond fueled their fury and cunning for many seasons.

They served as an example to the tribe, of the good fortune that awaited only the most faithful servants of Maglubiyet. As long as the two stood steadfast for their gerblin tribe, luck would be with them. And it was... Until the day they decided to abandon the tribe.
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Morkan and Dhakec, gerblin shaman and worg
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