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 Tean and Rawkit, human and kobold hunters

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Tean and Rawkit, human and kobold hunters Empty
PostSubject: Tean and Rawkit, human and kobold hunters   Tean and Rawkit, human and kobold hunters I_icon_minitimeTue May 02, 2017 12:13 am

Few hunters have navigated the wilds all throughout Faerun, without having lost a limb, an ear, or their lives entirely. When one stalks a mighty green dragon in its own cave, or harvests potentially deadly ingredients from a freshly slain chimera, it can be said that the piece of the self connected with the civility and basic decency must be sacrificed, and replaced with savagery and beast-like cunning.

This sacrifice is what separates good hunters from great game hunters. Tean and Rawkit have made their fortunes from the hides, eyeballs, livers, nail clippings, and even the genitals of the land's most fearsome beasts. So what quarry is left, when the world offers nothing new and unusual to stalk and skin?

Outlanders have shared stories with their local militias, telling tales of being "pranked" by two hunters dressed in common garb. Some travelers claim to wake up naked and surrounded by raw meat piles, and being set upon by packs of wolves. Others have been abducted from their homes, and are dropped into lakes full of unnaturally-occurring schools of sharks, made of crystalline glass. Too many others are never seen and heard from again.

If there is any flaw in the methods of Tean and Rawkit, it may stem from their near-total disconnection with the traditional combat tactics and disciplines of the civilized world, given their preference for stalking and killing their human or non-human prey from afar with near-flawless precision and intent.
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Tean and Rawkit, human and kobold hunters
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