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 NPC: Thogred, orc/werewolf male

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PostSubject: NPC: Thogred, orc/werewolf male   Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:07 pm

The cook for the House of Angry Pancakes is a werewolf; currently in orc male form, so he appears to be able to manage his lycanthropy quite handily. Very calm despite being threatened with physical violence and death, which indicates that he has been alive for a long time since the entire world does not look favorably on werewolves.

Has a connection with a fellow in Candlekeep, that may know where to look for Krusk Sr.

Former member of Krusk's Fabulous Four, adventurers seeking fame, fortune, and safety for all life.

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NPC: Thogred, orc/werewolf male
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