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 NPCs: Sord, Axel, Archie, Daggard, human males

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PostSubject: NPCs: Sord, Axel, Archie, Daggard, human males   Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:04 am

Four human men, wearing matching green leather armor, with emblems indicating affiliation with the Emerald Enclave, an organization that protects nature and seeks to protect the world's balance. Seemingly (and in no way coincidentally) armed to match their names. Adventurers seeking to fulfill Krusk the 2nd's contract, but do not appear to be friendly to the House of Angry Pancakes' resident cook.

Based on clues in their belongings and armor, it appears that the four human men were actually a band of thieves that likely found a party of Emerald Enclave rangers asleep in the forest and murdered them in cold blood, and took over their identities. On discovery of the werewolf working in the House of Angry Pancakes, they believed that turning him in to the Enclave would nullify their murder of their agents and be their gateway to gainful employ.

This was not a great plan, and definitely did not turn out well for them.

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NPCs: Sord, Axel, Archie, Daggard, human males
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