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 NPC: Krusk the 2nd, half-orc male

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PostSubject: NPC: Krusk the 2nd, half-orc male   Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:58 am

Contract owner. Proprietor of the House of Angry Pancakes. Excellent penmanship noted on the contract posting. Son of famous barbarian adventurer Krusk.

He was sitting at the bar the entire time, until the altercation between the party and the "rangers", at which point he called out and asked the two groups to settle their differences outside. After drinking two more Redcheek Ales, before poking his head out to check on the happenings. Gave a verbal tongue lashing to his employee Skeeter, whom he assumed was a perpetrator of the wanton violence that occurred outside his restaurant.

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NPC: Krusk the 2nd, half-orc male
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