A play by post 5E DnD campaign created and played by fans of The Adventure Zone.
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 Rules of the Campaign

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PostSubject: Rules of the Campaign   Rules of the Campaign I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 07, 2016 8:38 pm

1) Be cool, y'all. Ain't nothing we can't talk our way through (both in campaign and IRL).

2) Be true to your character; I am certainly not incentivized to murder you all quickly and without purpose, because that's a sh!tty campaign. That don't mean you can run train and do really reckless stuff... unless that's how chaboi or chagurl rolls. Let your heart guide you.

3) We are in the Adventure Zone world of Faerun. Fandolin / Phandolin existed once in this world. If anything can be learned and modeled from our favorite D&D podcast(s), it's that in a fantasy world anything is possible. This be dat fantasy hood where the things that look like they are aggressive may not be, things can be interacted with that you wouldn't normally, and boy howdy, sometimes compelling intellectual discourse will save your fantasy life.

4) If anything sucks, or you don't feel compelled to continue, report issues to the DM as soon as possible. We are a "play by post" crew, so while it is helpful to keep a regular pace with fresh action, sometimes the real world is not as accommodating. Come clean.

5) Perception, insight, detect magic, and other associated rolls can be called out in your post, along with your accompanying electronic dice roll. Please be dears and identify what you wish to learn more about, so I can prepare accordingly. Early campaign points/people of interest should be easy to roll against, but that don't generally last...

6) As a personal practice, I am documenting basic histories/information about NPCs as you encounter them, for your reference (and as reminders to me). They will follow generic character stat rolls by race for the most part, with some exceptions on story critical NPCs.

7) [Placeholder for more rules]

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Rules of the Campaign
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