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 A Good, Good Boy

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PostSubject: A Good, Good Boy   Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:30 am

On the fringes of Faerun, strange alliances are common. You may contract care for the dead to a Necromancer, who prevents the incursion of other ghosts, vampires, and undesirables. You may feed a troll in exchange for his help with various tasks. One of these alliances was between a village and a group of Orcs, and another, more intimate alliance, was between Elissa Warhorn and Toruk Axe-Thrower. The Warhorn clan were major leaders in their village, and while news that she was pregnant with the child of an Orc caused some scandal, as did Toruk’s sudden departure from the region, the townsfolk immediately fell in love with Thokk when he was born.

Though he was sometimes troublesome and given to anger, the townspeople always thought Thokk would go on to do great things, in fact, they told him every day. Thokk excelled in his Leatherworking apprenticeship, and sold more leather goods than his master. He was top of his class in the schoolhouse, learning arithmetic from the travelling tutor that came through each week and helping keep the town’s record books. He knew how to throw a javelin straight and true, and always kept his stance during sword practice. It was no surprise then, that when the Orcs who generally had been allied with the townsfolk demanded greater payment in return for their protection, Thokk volunteered to confront the Chief. And when the chief goaded an Owlbear into entering the town in a crazed state, Thokk stepped up to fight them. Over time, as the story spread,one Owlbear became three, three Owlbears became five, five became ten, Owlbears became Drakes, and so on until Thokk was known throughout the countryside as a valiant hero.

The Orcs backed down, and a local nobleman offered to pay Thokk’s way into the university in Waterdeep, where he was sure to flourish.

Thokk did not flourish in the university. He was aimless. He discovered he was not skilled in math beyond basic arithmetic, and he could not get geometry to do what he wanted. He did not understand how to finesse certain spells into existence. His fingers could not fit on a lute, and the names of so many kings and so many kingdoms blurred together for him. He left after three months. No one had heard of his battle with the Owlbear. This is where things get hazy. There was, of course, a war. There must have been, because the next thing he remembered was an elf Monk of Torm standing over him while he lay in bed, looking confused.

“You are awake.” the Monk said, as if trying to convince himself.

“What is this place?” Thokk rubbed his eyes. His head was sore.

“This is a monastery dedicated to Torm, god of obedience and duty.” he sat on the bed, “Something is wrong. There are villages missing. There are new people of importance. You are here on our mountain, and you are guilty of something.”

“What am I guilty of?” Thokk asked.

“Of that I am not sure, but those manacles are not a good sign.”

Thokk looked down, and sure enough, saw that he was chained to the bed. “Any chance we could get these off, since we don’t know what I did?”

The Monk considered this. “Perhaps. You can be trusted? You are not dangerous?”

“I am a leatherworker and a record-keeper. I am Thokk Warhorn.”

“I have heard stories about you, how you killed a horde of Trolls who attacked your town, how you became a nobleman’s protege. There is something darker there, but it is hidden by static.” He considered this. “Do you know how to read?”


“I will release the manacles when you have read this codex of essays on duty and obedience.” The monk pulled a thick book from a nearby shelf and placed it on the bed. “If you do this without complaining, if you do it quickly and thoroughly, then I will know you can be trusted.”

Thokk read the book throughout the night, then he read it again, and again. He was released the next day and was told he could leave the monastery for his home, but he stayed. He spoke to the monks, he became strong. He travelled to a temple of Torm and devoted himself to the god as a Paladin. When he returned to his home town, he found that the Orcs had come back during the war. He fought a duel with the Chief and won his town’s freedom. Now, Thokk has dedicated himself to helping others, though truth be told, he can still be rather naive, a bit overconfident due to his “golden child” status, and he has a dark streak that he has never fully confronted. His greatest motivator is to make his hometown proud, and he always carries with him the values his Mother instilled in him: open mindedness, kindness to strangers, and reservation of judgement.

(ooc: hey all, I know this might make him seem like he’s a bit too perfect, I just wanted to make clear in case I’m bad with subtext that Thokk was extremely successful in the context of his tiny town where competition was limited. Thokk is great, but he has been playing on “easy mode” for most of his life. His values of reserving judgement also clash a bit with his patron God, but Thokk is a bit starry-eyed and is also the classic “mind so open his brain falls out” type. In short, he’s a bit of a rube and not so good at seeing contradictions or systems at work.)
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Ezythyr Coalthane

Ezythyr Coalthane

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PostSubject: Re: A Good, Good Boy   Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:44 am

This is great! I think Thokk and Ezythyr are going to get along, surprisingly enough. Smile
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A Good, Good Boy
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