A play by post 5E DnD campaign created and played by fans of The Adventure Zone.
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 How to play by post

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PostSubject: How to play by post   How to play by post I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 02, 2016 8:12 pm

What is play by post?
The Dungeons & Dragons game takes place on various gaming internet websites. In general, the Dungeon Master sets the scene and you (along with others in your group) will post your character's actions. It can be read like a book, and each person plays a role in writing the game.

What makes a good post?
Use colorful language to describe your character's actions. It is generally insufficient to write, "I throw a dagger at the kobold." A better example: "The rogue, hidden in the shadows, steps out briefly to launch a dagger at the lizard, hoping to stop it in its tracks."

Remember that you are posting for others to read. Be descriptive, but you don't always have to write an entire book chapter.

The more you post, hopefully the better you will get.
A sample play by post (PbP):

Shairna eyes the local lawman warily. She had her sights set on enjoying a pint of ale , and then checking in for the night to rest.

There had been many adventurers in a row recently: "when it rains, it pours", she guessed.

She casually brushes aside her dark green cloak to reveal her trusty side-kick, a rapier with an elaborate hilt with the family crest. She hopes to show that she is not a cheap man 'o war or hireling. Any job will be costly.

As he seems to be friendly, Shairna tried to respond in kind: "Hmmm, possibly. I am weary from travel and might need a respite. My name is Shairna. Please sit down and tell me more. What exactly is the problem?"

After saying her bit, Shairna picks up the ale glass to drink, and listen. (Shairna thinks to herself: I hope it does not involve huge spiders!)
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How to play by post
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